Thursday, September 23, 2004

Under-Rated at 0-2

This team isn't as bad as the 0 and 2 record suggests. Its character and work ethic that make a team better. I feel that Dennis Erickson has put that in the mind set of his young team. People say there isn't talent on this team but there is. The fact these players do not have experience as much as the other teams they play is what hurts. But as the season progress, you well see a better football team each week.

Offensively, the Niners will try to run the ball on the Hawks. The Niners are without Newberry and Harris. But that doesn't seem to bother versatile Kyle Kosier and rookie Justin Smiley. Plus, the Hawks are playing without Chad Brown and are relying on a rookie DT (Tubbs) to plug the middle. I think the Niners dominate Seattle's line just like NO's line. Even the banged up NO line is still better than a healthy Seattle line. Although the Hawks will probably load up in the box against the run. In that case the Niners do have a man by the name of Fred Beasley who always picks up the slack. Kevin Barlow might not get 100 yards, but Barlow, Terry Jackson, and Jamal Roberston will collectively put up 100+ yard game against the Seahawks. The Niners have something to prove, if this holds true then we will see it being led by an under-rated 2nd year Ken Dorsey.

Defensively, the Niners have to make sure Hasselback does not have a good game. Blitz-es would be nice if there are no more break downs in the secondary. Last week against the Saints the Niners blitz-ed at first and Heard was way out of position. If that can change this week I think this under- rated offense can put up enough points to win the game. The Niners have a deep and talented pool of linebackers maybe even the best group collectively in the NFC. The Niners will stop to the run. It is up to Secondary to make some big plays.

Go Niners

Monday, September 13, 2004

Resilient 49ers


We beat ourselves.

That’s what Jamie Winborn had to say following the 49ers loss to the Falcons. The 49ers linebacker certainly did his part, sacking Vick, forcing a fumble and constantly disrupting Atlanta’s offense.

And certainly the defense did its part. Holding the dangerous Vick to just 10 yards rushing, sacking him four times and allowing just 227 total yards.

“We stuck to our gameplan. We knew we had guys that could run with him, we knew that we had to contain him, but our plan was to not let down and stay after him,” Winborn said. “We did that, but it wasn’t enough.”

Winborn and Julian Peterson started the game on fire, forcing the fumble of Vick that led to a blocked punt deep in Falcons territory. Unfortunately, the 49ers costly mistakes began when Kevan Barlow fumbled at the 13-yard line.

That would be followed by a costly interception late in the game and 10 penalties that would end momentum. Despite all that, the 49ers found themselves in the hunt at the end of the game were just a conversion away from overtime.

“It’s tough. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth. But at the same time it shows our resilience and how tough we are as a team. And that we can stick together and come back from an amount of points where no one gave us a chance,” Brandon Lloyd said. “A lot of guys could have folded, put down the camp and went home. “We stuck in there, came back and left it on the field.”

Johnson Impressive
Eric Johnson showed that he is back and ready for the season as he tied a career-high with eight receptions and set a new career-best with 89 receiving yards. Six of his receptions came in the fourth quarter, including a 16-yard touchdown.

His touchdown brought the 49ers within two points.

“I think this team showed it doesn’t give up when we are behind,” Johnson said. “We made a statement about what kind of character this team has. We’re not going to back down; we’re not going to give up.”


Winborn recorded his second career forced fumble.

Jimmy Williams recorded his first career sack.

Keith Lewis blocked his first career punt.

Jeff Ulbrich recorded his second career interception.

Tony Parrish started his 97th consecutive game.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

0-4 Is Not What I Expected

Damn. Ominous, indeed. Here's an insightful quote from Julian Peterson (Rhodes scholar?): "We need to have some kind of concern because nobody wants to go into the season losing all of the time." No shit. Cross your fingers, pray, dance around a flag pole, or do whatever else you do to increase luck: it looks like we will need it this season.