Tuesday, January 25, 2005

In Response

Fans should stop living in 80's , and worry about how to establish something now.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Left With Out a Clue

My o' my, what have we gotten ourselves into. John York the owner of the San Francisco 49ers decided to fire head coach Dennis Erickson and dismissed general manager Terry Donahue for an imperfect 2-14 season posted this year.

Apparently the fans in the bay area where getting a little disgruntled and forced Mr. York to do something desperate. I am not saying it is a bad move, just a tact-less one. A simple reason of explanation is to fire a head coach for a poor job, yes, but to fire a head coach for the fans, no.

Mr. York when you make a decision you have to stick by it. You can't expect for the rebuilding of a team to take a season or too. Especially since you dismantled any structure the great Bill Walsh put up for your wife Denise's brother.

Walsh will never be recreated. Erickson was a good coach, with a patient head on his shoulder. He had a young talented and very inexperienced team left to work with. Keep in mind Mr. York it was a team you approved through Donahue.

Donahue was doing you a favor making room under the salary cap. Maybe next you won't be so cheap. But just like Bush, the damage is done and the repercussions are going to be repaid.

I just feel bad for the players that have to go through all this. The great ones like B.Y. and Derek Smith, and Tony Parrish. Lets not forget about Julian Peterson but he likes a lot of money, so if Mr. York really wants to impress me he needs to do one of two things:

A) Sign J. Peterson to a long term contract or

B) Use the first pick to get D. Johnson in the draft to replace Peterson