Saturday, February 12, 2005

New Look

Now that Mike Nolan hired Billy Davis, you can pretty much count on the Niners defense turning back to a 3-4 defensive look rather than their traditional 4-3. I believe the last time the Niners ran the 3-4 was in 1993.

And it is not like Nolan doesn’t know about the 3-4, after all that is what he ran in Baltimore with Ray Lewis and the rest of their talented Linebacking corps. Nolan is a big fan of linebackers, the hiring of Singletary and Billy Davis; one can see that Nolan is paying attention to the Niners most talented group.

In linebackers like Julian Peterson, Jamie Winborn, Derek Smith, and Jeff Ulbrich Nolan will use their abilities to have each blitz at certain times. Regardless if the defensive line can’t produce well enough for the 3-4 defense look for it to at least be apart of the 3-down package.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Good Job

Mike Nolan has really set an impressive tone around the once mighty and still beloved San Francisco 49ers. The mood has gone from skeptic views of Mr. York to optimistic reassured, relief from Mr. Nolan.

Nolan added Mike Singletary to the staff first. With his defensive mind set, he paid quick attention to the Niners LB, realizing the 49ers best weapon are their line backers. So Nolan hired Jerry Sullivan to help cultivate the raw talent from the Niners young WR’s. He also added quarterback coach Jim Hostler and Offense Coordinator Mike McCarthy, who will establish the ever-so missed West Coast Offense.

...and the most recently the hiring of Scot McCloughan to fill the void of GM as the Vice President of Player Personnel