Thursday, March 31, 2005

Don't Draft a QB

I personally believe that neither Aaron Rodgers nor Alex Smith is worth a number one pick. I feel everyone that is around the Niners front office is worried about upgrading so fast that they tend to over look Dorsey and Pickett.

I feel the number one pick this year is only worth two names and those names would be WR Braylon Edwards and LB Derrick Johnson.

It is not like we can’t a QB later in the rounds. The only thing that the Niners needed last season in ’04 was O-line and some discipline. Discipline will be installed with Nolan and Singletary and the O-line was addressed with the addition of Jennings.

Jennings at LT and Harris back to RT. Lets not forget about the anchor in the line, Mr. Newberry. This line is nice upgraded already. Exciting isn’t it.

Give our quarterback the chance that should be given to them. Let other teams gamble with Rodgers and Smith, in doing so other viable players will be available in the later rounds.

Please Nolan I beg you not to draft a QB it would be a waist.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The San Francisco Treat

So the question around the bay area is… will Jerry Rice be able to put on the scarlet and gold on last time?

Now before I answer this question, I would just like to state that I feel it would be a great move on behalf of Coach Nolan to sign Rice for one more year. My logic behind this would be that Rice could be a great mentor to the younger players. I think we all know that even though Rice is 42, he is in excellent health because of his work ethic.

The knowledge that Rice possess is invaluable to the young and talented receivers the Niners have. If the Niners had Rice and Sullivan working to better the younger receivers then you could imagine the maturity level would rise and the play would excel.

But the truth my friend is that Nolan is not interested in signing Rice. If anything, San Francisco would let him retire in a Niner uniform by signing a one day contract and that would be it.