Monday, April 25, 2005

And the 49er's Choose...

Here are your picks for the 2005 draft... What do you all think?

1st Smith QB Utah

33rd Baas OL Michigan 65.

65th Gore RB Miami (FL)

94th Snyder T Oregon

137th Fields DL Mississippi State

174th Marshall QB West Virginia

205th Johnson CB Washington

215th Holly CB Cincinnati

223rd Maxwell WR Oregon

248th Estes TE Virginia

249th Bajema TE Oklahoma State

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Kid Natural?

Here are some things Aaron Rodgers has to say when he came in for an interview for the Niners. Not to shabby kid…

"I think I'm a guy you can build around," Rodgers said. "I think my leadership style plus my skills combined make me the kind of guy you can stick in a situation, and then bring guys in to make me better and make the team better."
I will admit that even though I don’t advocate taking a QB with our first pick this guy Rodgers impresses me with his confidence.
"It's been very exciting coming here. It's my childhood team growing up," Rodgers said. "It's been kind of surreal, this whole process. I'm just feeling very confident that they've got the right people in the right places here in San Francisco to be successful -- just talking with Coach Nolan, just seeing how passionate he is about bringing this team back to the standards that were set in the late '80s and early '90s."
He wants what we want…

"Being mechanical is not a bad thing," Rodgers said. "I think it's better than holding the ball lower and patting the ball, or taking one of your hands off the ball or something. I do the same thing every time, and the ball is high, and it gets out of my hand quick."
And the kid is honest…

"I'll be excited [with] anywhere I get picked," Rodgers said. "Obviously, being able to stay in the Bay and have the caravan from Chico come down to all the games would be great. But I'm excited either way, and it's been a great process."
The more I hear what Rodgers has to say the more I feel like he has potential to lead our team. He is fan as much as a player and that is what counts. I am still sticking with no QB for the first pick. Although, if Rodgers was taken I wouldn’t be upset…I would give the kid a chance.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

In the Trenches

Signing LT Jonas Jennings was an excellent move by Coach Nolan. Nolan knows that in order to actually have an offense or any type of progress, one has start in the trenches. This addition will move Kwame Harris back to his right tackle position and adds another seasoned vet to line.

With Jennings and Harris on the outside and Newberry coming back 100% from is injury that caused him to miss 15 games last season, you can expect an automatic upgrade with the Niners offense. And Nolan started the upgrade in the right place… in the trenches.